Forrest Blount

Bootstrapping in the Boston Metro

Hazards of Knowledge

We’re between weeks three and four at the Founder Institute and I’ve been working my ass off.  When I got accepted into the program, I planned that by our return from this short hiatus (we had two weeks off for the holidays) I’d have a working prototype.  The trouble with my plan is that it didn’t account for how much I’d learn during the first three sessions.

Specifically, we learned about proper research and due diligence before leaping into product development.  Yes, I had made one of the worst mistakes a startup can make: I’d leapt into development without doing my due diligence.  Worse, the further I dug into the data, the less I felt I was on the right path.  But the best part of the program is that a support network is built in.  With the help of my working group and my newfound research data, I’m confident not only in my ability to spin up a new project for the program, but also that I’ll be able to pivot successfully as the company develops through later stages.