Forrest Blount

Bootstrapping in the Boston Metro

The Debt We Owe Each Other

The events in Boston this week shook me to the core. After the shock, the horror, the distraction, after the restless nights, the chopper flyovers, the messages received from old friends and distant connections, three thoughts are still with me today:

  • Life is too short to do anything less than your best. Every day. You owe it to the world.
  • We are each the most powerful instruments of creativity and destruction we will ever encounter and we are only as strong (as a people) as the weakest among us.
  • I love this city.

Nothing has been more awe-inspiring and humbling than seeing so many come together in the face of this tragedy - I hope that in the coming months and years we remember that we are at our best when we come together - when we aid those weaker than ourselves and enable them to be their best. Be courageous. Be selfless. Be bold.

And remember Boston.