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Wireframing Made So Easy = Balsamiq


I don’t know how I feel about reviewing software– maybe it will be an occasional occurrence on this blog, maybe it won’t – but I do know that using Balsamiq is one of the easiest, most natural experiences I’ve had online. I was up and running in seconds building mockups of my latest application.

In truth, I haven’t used wireframes in the past. As a single developer with no team, I’ve only occasionally sketched out designs before leaping into implementation. I’ve always preferred fast iterations to a long and drawn out design process, but Balsamiq is easy enough for non-technical users to pull up, tweak and send on its way, not using it really would be a detriment to the final product.

It’s free to check out, so if you’re a developer interested in a better way to communicate ideas with designers, or just an entrepreneur looking for an easy way to explain your idea to others, Balsamiq is a great place to start.