State of the Internet (as a Job Board?)

The more innovative recruiters at growing companies like Zappos and Dell are now are using social media to engage prospective candidates in a genuine and inexpensive way: building candidate communities in their career site and blogs, search engine optimizing job listings, distributing jobs through social networks to dramatically drive referrals, and tracking web analytics by job to determine their best sources of talent.

To me, the more interesting acquisition was Monster’s purchase 18 months ago of Trovix, a Bay Area startup that built a behavioral algorithm for matching jobs and resumes to help recruiters sift through applicants and jobseekers through jobs. But, the irony is that they will be “unveiling” this new technology, dubbed 6Sense, on this weekend’s (expensive) Super Bowl, the annual marketing battleground of the big, horizontal job boards.

Many of you probably heard earlier this week that Monster purchased Yahoo's HotJobs. The timing of this is fascinating, especially as Monster prepares to launch their new "6Sense" job matching system (word is today, during the big game).

I don't want to get into my thoughts on how to position my company amidst this landscape (yet), but the point made in this article about the current downturn dramatically speeding up forces at play in the hiring market is well made. If Monster is shelling out big money for candidates (HotJobs, to try to take the #1 position again) and matching algorithms (Trovix, to power their new 6Sense system) there's clearly a lot happening that the big dogs are trying to keep up with.