Every Day a New Beginning

I spent the end of the year refocusing. What questions are worth pursuing? Where are my talents uniquely suited? In the face of so many opportunities, finding a sense or purpose and direction becomes immensely important. How will I orient myself for the coming weeks, months, years?

I recalibrated my compass with a freewriting exercise. These are some excerpts:

What will you do to change the world in 2013?

You have been pressed into service. Serve your community. Ask yourself: who will be best served by my talents today?

Focus on the path. Make manifest the world as you have only dared to dream it.

2012 was a year of reminders for me. The biggest: you can't take it with you. Find the ones you love. Say it. Mean it. 

I'll be writing more in the coming weeks. I won't be any less busy, but hope I can do a better job sharing what I'm working on and learning going forward.