The Importance of Specificity


When you've decided that you want a change in your life -- whether looking for a new job, making a lifestyle change (diet/exercise), or undertaking some other new adventure, I've always found it to be tremendously valuable to be specific. Let me try to be more specific ;)

Instead of letting yourself focus on the long term goal, for example, "get a job in marketing", push yourself to dig deeper. What are the characteristics of a company you want to work for? What does the team you want to work on look like? What responsibilities are included in your day to day? 

By being more specific you give yourself a tremendous advantage -- the ability to recognize opportunities and articulate benefits quickly. Instead of having a mediocre interview trying to fit in to a place that doesn't fit your specific vision, you can turn it into an opportunity to seek referrals to other companies hiring. Because you're able to articulate why this combination of culture, team and skills suits you, when you find the right position, you can quickly explain not just what you'll provide to the company (something everyone tried to do in an interview) but also what you stand to benefit from working for this company in this role. When someone sees that you care about what they're doing specifically, more than the generic title, role or salary that come with the job, they'll recognize the additional value you're bringing to the table.

BTW, if you know someone looking to get into social media marketing for startups, let me know. I may know a company that's looking ;)